martes, 3 de marzo de 2015


Lecturas Interesantes sobre la Transfromada z, la biografía del autor señala:


Saeed was born in Iran. He gained a 1st class honours degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Newcastle University and a PhD in digital signal processing from Cambridge University. His PhD and postdoctoral research work at Cambridge lead to the development of CEDAR one of the first commercial digital signal processing system for restoration of degraded archived audio signals. Saeed was a British Telecom lecturer at the University of East Anglia in Norwich between 1988-1995 and then a Reader at the Queen's University of Belfast. Saeed's research interests in communication signal processing include Bayesian noise reduction and channel identification, speech enhancement speech recognition, modelling and synthesis of accents, voice morphing, and biomedical signal processing. Books Advanced Digital Signal Processing and Noise Reduction (J. Wiley 1st Ed. 1996, 2nd Ed. 2000, 3rd Ed 2006). Multimedia Signal Processing with Applications to Speech, Music and Telecommunication J. Wiley 2006."

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